Feel free to browse through our compilation of extraordinary properties, which are handpicked to cater for every type of traveller and guarantee precious experiences tailored to your special needs and desires.

Whether it is romance, luxury, adventure or a home-like atmosphere that you are looking for, Aqua Vista Hotels’  unique accommodation scenarios proposed by each of our selected members will help you discover your ideal starting point for the journey of your dreams in Greece, enabling you to make the most of your time in some of the world’s most coveted destinations.


Exuding exclusive style, refined elegance and discreet luxury, our portfolio of fascinating hotels featuring the most coveted suites and villas captivates the most discerning travellers: you. Aqua Vista Hotels’ mission is to forge moments of total bliss while constantly confirming our international reputation as a collection of exclusive retreats that share one common denominator: the rare combination of spectacular locations, quintessential architecture, sophisticated interiors and impeccable yet relaxed service that extends to planning and staging an unforgettable, customized experience.

Stay with us and be inspired by the allure of a stunning cliff side villa on the caldera in Santorini or the unparalleled charm of an ultra chic suite in Skiathos. The traditional architecture with white and blue colors right in the heart of a boutique hotel in Paros or the ultimate combination of luxury and traditional Cycladic architecture in the gorgeous scenery of a comfortable hotel in Naxos. Last but not least, you can experience seductive getaways with romantic atmoshpere and naturally modern style of an impressive hotel in Mykonos. Whatever your choice, we promise to transform your dreams into cherished memories.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our boutique hotels soon.

George Grafakos, CEO, Aqua Vista Hotels